Inspiring blogs

One of my greatest passions is to see people living out the Gospel message practically in their lives, and finding freedom and wholeness as a result.

Jesus said that “the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32). I believe that the message of the Gospel has the power today to help us with many of the emotional issues we face, and guide us in the complex problems we encounter.

In this section of my site, I have carefully selected a small number of quality blogs written by individuals who are living out the Gospel and seeing its power shining through their circumstances.

These are not glossy sites trying to suggest that true faith takes away all of our trials. These are blogs written by real people navigating their way through a real fallen world, but doing so with the supernatural grace of God.

Bipolar Brave – This is an honest, real, inspiring blog written by Katie R. Dale, who lives out her faith with compassion and authenticity while managing her bipolar diagnosis. A fantastic resource for anyone affected by mental health issues themselves or walking through the sometimes dark and lonely journey with a loved one.

Gracefilled Growth – Sarah Lango writes with honesty and sensitivity about her family’s experiences raising a medically fragile child with special needs. Special needs parenting can be an exhausting and isolating journey. This blog brings much-needed hope.

Embracing the Unexpected – Maree Dee has put together a real gem of a site with words of wisdom and faith for those who are hurting, touching on topics like grief, loss, mental health and living life with joy in the midst of trials.

Messy Marriage – Beth Steffaniak’s is one of my favourite marriage blogs simply because it’s real. Beth isn’t afraid to address the difficult areas of marriage, and brings out messages of hope and restoration amidst the mess.